Iridesse Production Press FutureTech Design Competition

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The future of digital print

The new Fuji Xerox Iridesse six station colour press is the future of digital print technology. Unleash your creativity with a futuristic design that shows off the special colours of Iridesse for your chance to win 1 of 8 $1000 Apple Store Gift Cards. Plus the winning designs will be showcased online and in print.

The theme is FutureTech – it could be a design for anything in tune with the future – fashion, technology, an electric car, a watch, a space airline, nightclub or hotel are just some thought starters. Or show us something unexpected, it’s a design competition after all.

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How it works

Register online

To enter the FutureTech design competition you need to register. Complete the registration form above and we’ll send you a FutureTech entry pack in the mail.

FutureTech entry pack

This pack includes metallic ink swatches, paper swatches, sample prints and a Fuji Xerox Iridesse design guide. Once you’ve registered, we’ll mail you one with everything you need to know about designing for Iridesse.

Create your design

Take a moment to read your design guide, download the template and you’re ready start. Make sure you use our SRA3 size template to create your artwork. You can also download a range of metallic swatches.

Template Swatches

Submit your design as a PDF online

When you’re happy with your design and you’ve finalised your artwork using the specifications in the Iridesse design guide, use the button below to submit your entry by 3 May 2019. We’ll then send you a print of your design in the mail.

Submit design


A panel of judges made up of Fuji Xerox team members, and respected design industry professionals will rate the entries. Points will be awarded for:

- creativity
- originality
- use of special inks
- relevance to the theme of FutureTech

The averages of the ratings will determine the winners.


Winners will be announced here on this page with images of the winning designs. All entrants will be notified by email when this happens.

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